about us

I’m Boho is an online retailer specialized in high quality Boho apparel.


We are based in Ibiza, Spain, and the majority or items in our store is local, produced sweatshop free in collaboration with local Boho stores and designers, which does not mean we are any less proud of our designers who are not from Ibiza. You can find out more about our designers here.


All of the products and collections presented here are carefully and thoughtfully selected, we truly believe in the people that we represent.


For us, Bohemian as a style signifies much more than a way of dressing, Boho is a life style of unbridled exuberant freedom, freedom that grants the courage to express yourself, your wild side as well as your romantic soul.


We believe that the choice of clothing should reflect our inner spirit. This is why our designs are full of colors, rich in details, with contrasting combinations of materials that remain easy to wear, both elegant and comfortable at the same time. We place great importance in the choice of materials we use for our products, making certain that they are both beautiful and of high quality.


We believe that boundaries are here to connect us, and not to separate us!