It's All About Love - T-shirt
It's All About Love - T-shirt
It's All About Love - T-shirt

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Mirror, It's All About Love - T-shirt

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MIRROR, It's All About Love hand-painted t-shirt inspired by love. It represents our love for another person, and in that love, in this connection with another it always seems that someone has the need to take a part of the other, to own it, to have it only for themselves, …this is desire, this is passion, …in fact this other person, this need to have it is nothing but our image in the mirror, this recognition of self in another, this makes us crazy, obsessed… this is love for the self. And it is wonderful to know there are more of us out there.

100% cotton.

T-shirt is hand painted with special colors for clothes.

Cleaning: you can wash it in washing machine on 40 degrees, our strong recommendation is to turn them inside- out and hand wash to keep colors bright as long as possible.

This t-shirt will be made to order. We require one day for the shirt to be done.