Nina Hora IBIZA

She is simple and effective, as are her designs! Inspired by Ibiza and beaches, her clothes are comfy, elegant, fit to any body shape, but above all you will feel sexy wearing them!

Boho designers ibiza StyleIB: Hello Nina ! We are so happy to meet you! We hope that our followers and clients will enjoy your design as well! So… how should I present your brand: simple, effective, made for all body types?

NH: My brand is made for everybody who is more than happy to fit into something eccentric, basically it is not for boring people.

IB: … and how long have you been in fashion? You said that you explored a lot and finally found what is it… now, hora! 

NH: I started studying fashion to improve my passion about it. I have been designing clothes and accessories since I was child, but I started working in fashion in 2011 with an artisanal laboratory that made shoes on demand, completely hand made. I was in collaboration with an artisan and called him “maestro”. Working with him was amazing because we made unique shoes for people from the jet like Gina Lollobrigida.

But after two years I needed a change, I needed a new challenge, so I moved to London where I studied and worked as a personal shopper for 3 years. When I came back to Italy I started working with many local brand as a designer, but I didn’t like their mood. While working for others I was not at my creative best. At that time, form 2014, I started visiting Ibiza every year for my summer holiday, and this is when I started getting ideas for my own collection inspired by the Island where I always felt good vibes and positive energy.
For this reason I started with my own brand, designing exactly what I imagined in my mind, free to communicate my vision of the hippy and party mood of Ibiza.
IB: Is that also how your brand got its name? 
NH: The name Nina Hora Ibiza was born because everyone in my family calls me Nina, which is a cute nickname from back when I was a child - my name is Oriana and “Orianina” means “little Oriana” and this led to my family calling me only Nina). So Nina Hora Ibiza for me means: Now is the time for Nina in her fave place - IBIZA.
IB: You decided to make only summer collections?
NH: In my job I am completely alone for the moment and it is not easy to do everything by myself. I create my collections, I follow through with production and everything else including sales and social media communication. I really don’t have the time to do a winter collection but it is a big desire for me to do it for one of the following seasons.
IB: We takled more about the present, bit if we take a look at the past...when did you start and how? and how many collections did you design thus far :)?
NH: I started designing my collection last season, so SS/2018 is my second season.
IB: Currently people can find you in a many stores in Italy, Ibiza, and of course world-wide through I’m Boho. Anywhere else?
NH: Currently people can find me in Ibiza, South Italy (in Puglia, my country) and world-wide thought I’m Boho, and I have to say that I feel blessed for this opportunity that you give to me :)
IB: Thank you so much ! It is our pleasure! We wish you a great summer!

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