The DeMode fashion brand was created in 2012 in Belgrade, initially the brand was focused solely on jewellery design (DeMode jewellery).


The brand quickly caught the attention of celebrities in the region, every one of them wanted to wear it!

The mastermind behind the brand, Boris Kargotić , quickly evolved into designing headpieces and other accessories ( hats, handbags, earpieces, sunglasses…). As the DeMode brand continued its rise accessories gave way to designs of glamorous evening gowns, and wedding dresses.

After its regional success the brand soon became sought after by global celebrities!

DeMode was the choice of Nikki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga as well as the queen of them all – Madonna.


nicki minaj fashion


The brand was founded by one young man, and his team continues to grow from day to day.

Every item wearing the DeMode label is absolutely unique and handmade.



Since it takes up to two months for one of DeMode dresses to be crafted, it looks like Boris and his team never sleep!


boho handmade handbag


We are proud to present a collection of DeMode handbags ( more ), and the latest venture from DeMode – wedding dresses ( more ). The photos speak for themselves.De Mode

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