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We are truly honoured to present you with a new brand in our store, starting from this year, among others we are starting our collaboration with the glamourous DeMode.

 DeMode has been around for the past five years. It quickly grew from its initial idea of jewellery design, made a bold step forwards and started designing dresses and became an overnight sensation in the global fashion scene.

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Without further ado, we are proud to present the chief designer and owner of this brand Boris Kargotić.

Couture DeMode Boris Kargotic


IB: Boris, hello and welcome!

BK: Hello.

IB: Would you tell us the story of how you transitioned from designing jewellery to designing dresses? It is a great risk to set off into the unknown, invest in the type of apparel that you design, at the time you were having great success with your necklaces.

BK: This was the logical next step. One can grow tired of necklace, earing, and bracelet design and end up designing a necklace that was too heavy to be worn. This was my long standing desire but it was easier to begin with jewellery, because when you start your business with 30€ it is hard to produce a stunning dress. But we got there eventually, and although we have not been in business for long we already found success on the global scene, so we are truly satisfied as a team.

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IB: Relatively early on and quickly you managed to found your unique style, everything you design is recognisable, are you aware of this?

BK: I do not know if I am recognisable, I do not think so, but I have been told otherwise. We strive to be unique, rich, luxurious, sophisticated and expensive. We are looking towards haute couture, handcrafted items into which millions of work hours went to. Our designs are worn by people that want to stand out, have strong characters and want to make statements. WE are probably recognisable for our kitsch. Kitsch is a legitimate movement in are and I support it, which does not mean that I strive towards cheap kitsch.

IB: What drove you to haute couture?

BK: I was attracted by the divas, actresses, singers, theatre, everything that stands above the mundane. Maybe mundane makes it easier to earn money, but it is not a priority. The Idea is to work on things that will make us thrilled beyond belief once completed, things that will catch everyone’s attention, that are unusual. Mundane is boring, ordinary and small is boring.

IB: It seems that your imagination and audacity know no boundaries?

BK: All interviewers start by telling me that I am brave, audacious, great, asking if I am aware of my own genius. I cannot think about myself in this way, I do not believe I am all those things. I do not think poorly of myself, but I know I am not even close to what I am aspiring to. This is what keeps me going forward. I am inspired by trends, fabrics, the woman or person the item is intended for. As long as I am not inspired by earning money, it feels good. Glamour, luxury, women that are beautiful, capable and feminine.

IB: I believe everyone is curious to hear about the creative process behind the dress. How many people work on a dress, how long does it take to craft one of your dresses?

BK: It takes from five days up to two months to make a single dress, depending on the item itself and on how swift/slow the person working on it is. The creative process is a strange one. I do not star from sketches. It starts by me looking at the available materials and collecting various accessories from metal, crystal, plastic, lace, and tulle, and it takes it long time to complete, especially if I do not start with a mental image of the final product but work on the go.

IB: Your creations are full of details, both gentle and romantic, while remaining dignified. Women wearing them appear daring and confident? Was this your aim?

BK: Yes, precisely


IB: You started by designing jewellery, moved on to other accessories and now you are designing dresses. We have the honour of presenting your wedding dresses, so tell us, how were they designed?

BK: Every collection features 13 models, the final and the biggest being a wedding dress. We are currently in the process of designing and making an entire collection which will be sexy, not evening gowns but romantic sexy outfits for the handsome bride. I hope you will like it.

IB: Can you reveal what is next in line for you?

BK: We are preparing a collection of wedding dresses and I am planing to stage outfits for celebrities.

IB: DeMode originated in Belgrade, can your model be found elsewhere?

BK: Yes, our models can be found online, we are shipping ww, and we are planning new retail stores globally.

IB: We wish you to carry on forward, reach the status of genius you will recognise yourself; we are enjoying your creations and are waiting for the one that will make you exclaim: I am a genius!




    Sammy Stevens
  • Boris you are the fashion genious I mean you are genious at all.

    Pavao Sosic

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