BoAime by Mimi Ledo

From barely nothing to whimsical...

boho dress
BoAime, a blend of vibrant culture, colors and an endless source of love and inspiration. Based in metropolitan Montreal, and produced in workshop in Vietnamt, they have built a diverse team to create an eclectic design concept where east meets west in beautiful contradiction.
BoAime's colors and textures reflect a lifestyle that is rich in both beauty and creativity. Each collection incorporates a twist of bohemian bounce, with intricate handmade embellishments and the responsible use of organic fabrics and natural resources.
They make premium branded apparel for modern urbanite and young-at-heart clients. This products are fair trade, high craft, comfortable and yet truly unique.
At the core of the company's values is a passion to make a difference in the world. BoAime supports the women in their workshop with above industry- standard compensation, technical training and skill development. They also seeks employees support their extended families in underserved areas throughout rural Vietnam.
BoAime is a style, not a trend, not a season, not too precious and not overdone. Their aim for clothes that stand out, but not in an obvious way. Luxurious basics in cashmere and organic bamboo that one can wear on a daily base. Unique pieces with inserted hand embroideries and day dresses in floral patterns and vintage lace are amongst the many styles they provide.
The BoAime wardrobe reveals the individual and personal approach of the eclectic and versatile woman. As the clothes can be worn in both casual clique context, BoAime target women who dare to wear styles in different ways they love: effortless, chic and wearable pieces that define a style within ones selves, original in how you wear them and make them your own. A romantic bohemian vibe mixed and matched with an unconventional touch of rock'n roll. BoAime- women embrace the lifestyle of the free spirited, conscious about sustainability and ethnic craftsmanship.
boho dress
Enter a whimsical domain, open your contemporary eye , discover BoAime.
Designed by Mimi Ledo

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