I think that there is one event bigger and more important than even this... choosing your wedding dress!

wedding dress

As for the main lady of the event, you will agree, this is equally important for the whole event!

You fantasize about the dress for decades, spend about six months or a whole year selecting it, or you have always known how it is supposed to look... and rightly so! It is the one that turns all the heads, the whole event hinges on it!


Honestly now, have you ever heard anyone talk about how beautiful the groom looked, was anyone ever curious about his looks after the wedding?!

Hmm... yes... I am remembering some weddings I attended where I asked myself, what is this young man doing here?

Sure, some will say that „Oh, the newlyweds look gorgeous“, this comment is usually followed by „But the bride, did you see that dress?! Where did she buy it, I want one just like it!“

                                              (click on the picture)

So yes, YES, there is only one star of that event! This is your day! The day when you are the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE.


I know that there are thousand little things to attend to on the big day, memorising names of his relatives and close friends you met only two weeks ago (fifty names only, 'tis nothing)... still mulling over what will be the song for your first dance... then there is HAIR, MAKE-UP, and the DREEEES!!!


wedding dress


 So let us straighten our priorities once more, in case there is anyone who is still not clear on this, your smile will make everything all right, the song you chose for the dance is ok, hair – all proper, if you forget lipstick you will be forgiven, the bridesmaids are there to help, but the WEDDING DRESS!!!


OK, I hardly think that the commotion of the day will cause you to forget putting on your wedding dress , but perhaps this would not be as scandalous as CHOOSING:

ugly wedding dress

Oy my, tsk, tsk, tsk.


Especially when it can look like this...

(click on the picture)

To put briefly, since words are becoming less important,

woman + wedding dress = elegance 

The wedding as an act, in and of itself, carries a touch of dignity and nobility, it has to be glamorous and romantic... and everything your desire... but if you do not feel like a STAR, if you don't feel SEXY in your DRESS, than you have the wrong one!

A small handbook to be remembered and talked about! ( here )

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