You have a secret no one is supposed to find out? You protect it carefully? This makes you mysterious and attractive?

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boho handmade handbag



Handbag design is a field of endless inspiration for fashion designers. We, on the other hand, could not even think about going out without one of those!


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Secluded spaces that hold all our necessities and safeguard our secrets, attractive accessories that add a dash of mystery to our appearance, everyone wants to know what is hiding inside them, while we often do not know that ourselves…


Every handbag represents that woman that wears it, the choice is yours!


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DO not forget!!! The selection of your handbag is a reflection of your inner self, your character and temperament, and more often than not a status symbol.


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Choosing a handbag is an important decision for every woman, they serve as our silent introduction and, BELIEVE US handbags tell more about you than you know. (link)

 boho handmade handbag

Living at the time when everyone is starting to look alike, I’m Boho INSISTS on a style that breaks through the mundane and dated. Our selection features handbags crafted from natural materials, original in design and unique! More on our selections and recommendations for daily outfit here  or for boho by night here.



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  • Vuestras colecciones son todas muy bonitas?‍♀️????

    Maria Modesta Barbara Jaume

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