Our fashion icons, Rocky Barnes, Bela and Gigi Hadid and Kristina Bazan, introduces us to new optical styles for stylin’ gals. Elegant round shapes, modified cat-eye profiles and modern oval silhouettes boast chic carvings and trendy metal accents on the temples.


rocky barnes

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Whether you’ll be out enjoying the sunshine, or attending an indoor soiree, eyewear is the perfect detail to finish off any festive look and will have your fellow eyewear lovers green with envy. 



"Sunglasses offer protection against excessive exposure to light, including its visible and invisible components.

The most widespread protection is against ultraviolet radiation, which can cause short-term and long-term ocular problems such as photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts, pterygium, and various forms of eye cancer. "   Wikipedia 

So... this accessorisse is more then good for us!

Sunglasses are PROTECT US, our health, and make our outfits unforgettable!

Let's picking the Perfect Trendy Frames for You!


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As you’re oohing and ahhing over the upcoming season’s eyewear trends during fashion weeks, you may be wondering how you can incorporate these hot looks into your own wardrobe.


Rocky Barnes

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Gigi Hadid

Kristina Bazan

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bela hadid

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But determining what silhouettes look best on your face shape may be making you hesitant to dive right in.

Not to worry, eyewear lovahs, we’ve got tips to help you pick the perfect frames so you can be lookin’ your best every day.

The two golden rules of face-fitting are: The shape of the frames should typically contrast with the shape of the face, and proportion is key – the size of the frames should somewhat match the size of the face, as larger frames may swallow a smaller face, and smaller frames may draw more attention to larger face.

BUT of course, so much of looking good is feeling good, so no need to obey these guidelines.  


gigi hadid

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Despite the traditional face-fitting tips we at Eyecessorize provide, it’s totally up to you to decide what frames look and feel best! 


rocky barnes

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Meanwhile, an array of tortoise and marbleized patterns add an extra hint of panache to these must-have frames. Check ‘em out, below.





You can find our full special selection of sunglasses here.

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