Bohemian Girl - Mimi Ledo

burning man

Mimi Ledo- wild child with an inner radiance

I met this amazing girl last summer, an adult woman with the spirit of a child… 

Actually she found me under the shadow of a palm tree on Ibiza… 

Sounds weird, funny… but it was hard not to respond to and follow her energy. 

So unexpected and so familiar.

I will try to bring Mimi Ledo a bit closer to you.

Let the pictures talk! 

Mimi Ledo & London , Hanoi , Zurich , Tokyo , New York , Ibiza , Bali , Montreal , Burning Man...


boho girl

boho girl

boho girl

Boho girl

boho girl

boho girl

boho girl

boho girl

boho girl

ibiza girl

boho girl

boho girl



 More about Mimi coming soon!


  • Nathalie

    Do you have a shop in Bali ?
    Kind regards

  • Carli

    She has such great style!

  • Marya

    I particularly love the second last picture. The dress seems like super handy to wear in the summer. :)

  • life with mailoha

    great post! :)


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